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The 4 Deadly Fears and Ridding Them in 5 steps

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Fear of any kind will cause you to hesitate, if not at all, never attempt to do the things that are required of you to be successful. Clutching to fear will keep you concreted in your comfort zone where no great things have ever been accomplished. These are true to life objections that I've had to work through to be successful. This list will be as helpful to you as it was to me if you follow through and apply the lessons taught. Before I begin exposing light on the top hidden fears, first here’s how to rid yourself of their bondage.

1. Create a list/dream board of what your life will look like once you've accomplish your dreams. This is your constant reminder of what’s at stake and your motivation to get your butt to work. Make copies of this list, hang one in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car and at work.

2. Write down everything that you fear regarding that dream, your short comings, insecurities and anything in between. Creating this list might take some time, but once you've acknowledge your fears they’ll begin to have less power over you. This list doesn’t have to be 100% inclusive your first time compiling it as you can always revisit this exercise as often as needed. (Congratulations, you’ve began some soul work. This is a huge step in its self.)

3. Create positive attributes from the fears you wrote by writing the positive version of that negative emotion. If you wrote “I fear public speaking” you will change that to “I am a captivating speaker.” Make copies of this and place them alongside your dream list and recite them daily. (Congratulations, you just created your first affirmation.) Now, take your fear list, rip it up and throw it away (I like to sage and burn mine.) The things that you've wrote on that list are no longer traits of yours.

4. Begin to work on those positive attributes. If you desire to be a captivating speaker, begin to study on how to improve in that area. Find mentors through YouTube, blogs and books. Resources are endless. Make yourself a master on that topic. The more you study your craft the better you will

become at it.

5. Just do it. Action dissolves fear. The more you do a thing, the more practice you receive and the less intimidating that thing will be. This is the ultimate action step and the only real step where you’ll see true results of all the work you put in above. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but mark my words, when you do the work consistently, victory is guaranteed.


The most dangerous fear is the one that lays hidden in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious is the true ruler of our actions and fore-thoughts and guides us through our daily lives without us knowing. The thing that makes these fears so deadly is that most often we don’t even know we’re harboring them, yet they control so much of our conscious actions. These fears are usually programmed in us through generational and cultural teaching and through early childhood experiences.

The Fear of Money

The fear of money will cause us to unknowingly self-sabotage your finances. This can include anything from obsessive overspending and mismanagement to extreme frugality, hogging every dime. Watching how our parents earned and managed money molds our habits to be financially free or to continue in generational poverty.

Breaking this fear is possibly the easiest of the 4 deadly fears, simply indulging yourself in financial education and putting those lessons into action releases you from decades of negative financial emotions and habits. Check out this hot list of the top rated books for mastering personal finances.

Action Affirmation: My finances grow beyond my wildest dreams and I handle financial success with grace.

The Fear of Being Rejected

Mostly everyone has a fear of being rejected, after all, who eagerly looks forward to putting themselves on display only to possibly be denied and ridiculed? Well, let me be the first to inform you, successful people do it all the time. They leap at this opportunity because they understand that fear is a small thing that casts a big shadow, and the chance of succeeding is far greater than failing. They also know that “no” leads to divine placement and that the bite of rejection will only sting the first few times they receive it. Immunity comes with repetition.

Releasing yourself from this fear takes a lot of will power simply because the only sure way to overcome this fear is to straight out do the thing which frightens you most. Start by taking small steps towards your big goal and plugging in to great mentors who have already concurred their objections. Here is a great video by Tony Robbins on overcoming fear

Action Affirmation: People believe in me simply because I believe in myself and people are excited to see what I have to offer the world

The Fear of Being Amazing

The fear of being amazing is a tricky one, this fear hides itself in multiple points of success. Some people fear the growth that’s required of them to become successful, while others fear not being able to repeatedly perform at the level required to keep the success they have earned. On the other hand, some are subconsciously terrified of the overall responsibility that comes with reaching the stars. The road of growth is full of uncharted territory and filled with new responsibilities and high expectations. This often requires forsaking your comfort zone and leaving behind your unproductive attributes. The higher you go, the more of your old habits you must shed.

Start by incorporating positive habits that support your bigger vision. You will find that once you take on productive habits, your redirected focus won’t have time for your old, negative habits and they will begin to fade. This causes growth to happen naturally. Habits, when continued over time, become a life style. You will find that once you begin to master your old habits and reap the blessings that come with it, you won’t have the desire to revisit your old state of being. Your desire to grow even more will hold the greatest desire over your heart. Check out this brilliant video by Dan Lok on the fear of success and the common symptoms

Action Affirmation: I always perform at the greatest level of myself, and I have repeated success time and time again

The Fear of Being a Leader

Let me start by saying, a dream that doesn’t require a team of people to be accomplished is a dream too small. Rocket Fuel was made to create champions from visionaries that dream outrageously big, and those big dreams require a host of people to help build the vision. A team is absolutely necessary, and it requires your leadership.

Leadership can be the scariest of all the 4 deadly fears. Being an effective leader means growing and developing yourself in to a champion and overflowing that greatness onto others. Having that type of responsibility can be frightening, after all you are now not only responsible for the success of your dream but also for the advancement of others. People are now dependent on your guidance and wisdom and the question that often resonates in us all is “am I worthy?” The answer is YES! Check out this amazing video featuring John Maxwell on his 5 Levels of Leadership to help you spearhead in the right direction

Action Affirmation: I am a confident leader that is sought out by many. I effortlessly inspire and pour greatness into others.

-Melissa Onita


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